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Entry #2


2009-12-16 11:03:39 by Aelfred

Thanks for the great comments on my China Case Study!!! it was very kind, considering it only took me 6-7 hours of design time.


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2009-12-16 12:02:19

I didn't comment, but thanks anyway XD


2009-12-16 19:22:33

I did comment and I was right to do so since your flash was really good :)

Now, to answer the questions you asked in your comment replies :
- If you don't know something 'bout how to make play / pause button just try searching on google, I found many interesting tutorials that I used to make my flash website for my graduation.
- You say the music was not really your taste. Why put it in then? You should do with what pleases you if it's a personnal project or use a music that fits best the animation for you ^^ (Personnally I luved it, it gave an epic like feeling to the animation, mostly because the climax of the first part was perfectly timed with the most "dramatic / urgent-to-be-resolved" part :)

OVERALL Super great :)
Just bring up thoses button and it will be rather complete :)

Aelfred responds:

i will try and add them as soon as i find out how!